Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition at Fuori Salone 2012


There are 9 exhibitors from all over Japan.
Our concept is "Modern Design with the time-honored handicraft techniques and natural materials."


Japan is a very unique country.
It is an island country and separated from other countries and cultures for a long time.
That is the reason why we have developed our own culture and originality.


We have a long history of more than 1000 years, and are still keeping a lot of handmade traditional products such as Kimono, variety of traditional crafts and natural materials even in the 21st century.
In addition, we are well known for highly developed technology like electronics, motor industries, robotics, etc.


The fusion of "Tradition" and "Modernity" is our main concept for creation.
Please take a look at our "Contemporary Japanese Design" exhibition.
We hope you could feel our concept at the exhibition in Milan.


Special exhibition from Miyagi prefecture destroyed by the Great Tohoku earthquake will be together with our exhibition.
We all thank for the world's help and show you how hard we are trying to recover from the disaster.
Message from the governor of Miyagi and unforgettable photos are also exhibited.
Please don't forget 3.11.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Milan.


Kotaro Nishibori
Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition


2F Zona Tartina(NIME Studio), Via Voghera, 4, 20144 Milan,Italy
Open:15th-23rd April 2012

Opening Date

16-23 April, 2012

Exhibitors information

"kna plus" by kna plus corporation

Kna plus was born from a small textile company in a countryside of Japan. We produce unique eco-bags made from eco-friendly corn-based bio plastic. We also design 4 shapes and rich Japanese traditional colors to match various lifestyles.

vertical-pleats bag / large
By extending the pleat,the same amount of one shopping basket can be contained.

vertical-pleats bag / small
By extending the pleats,the same amount of four 2 liter-bottle can be contained.

crumpled bag
By extending the pleats,the same amount of four 2 liter-bottle can be contained.

Person in charge : Azusa OKA
Address : 63-85-1 Kakibara,Awara-city,Fukui 919-0812,JAPAN
Tel : +81-776-73-3997
Fax : +81-776-73-0093
Email :
Website :

"Series 1" by Koyama tatami studio

Traditional Tatami industory in Japan is decreasing in these days. Traditional Japanese life style with tatami is fading away year by year. I want to add new design idea with the good feature of tatami, such as healing, relaxation, warm atmosphere. "Series 1" Tatami panels can be fit in modern interior scene. I think Tatami craftmen especially young genalation should take more PR action to the world with our philosophy of "Japan ism". I will continue Tatami making performance all over the world to show the people how the new Tatami can be suitable to the real life.

Tatami panel
The new style of Tatami panel. Fit with modern interia design. It is made by polypropylene fiber and It is safe, lite, washable, 32 colors, good for childred's room, too. Aregee free, certificated by Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association.

Person in charge : Kenji Koyama
Address : 3-1-14 Imatsu-minami, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka 538-0043 Japan
Tel : +81-90-3949-6054
Email :
Website :

"Kokuhan" by Kawanami Iron work Inc.

We apply precision die machining technology to our designing to create metallic images. We create large,impressive scenes that are both subtle and intense and showcase the luster of shining metal rather than color.
Kokuhan- Lotus
Early morning, white lotus flower that blooms in lakes after the rain.

Kokuhan- Rice paddy in winter
Rice paddy in winter

Person in charge : BERARDI Machiko, ALFELIS SARL
Address : 10 Nishiyama-cho, Higashi-Kujo Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8046 JAPAN
Tel : +33 (0)9 54409365
Fax : +33 (0)9 59409365
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Noguchi Senpo,a long-established kimono dyeing,cleaning and repair business that was established in Sapporo 64 years ago,in 1948. Described in Japanese as the shikkai(literally,complete or total)business,meaning everything to do with kimonos,Noguchi Senpo is involved in not only the dyeing of cloth for tradition Japanese garments, but also the shibori-or tying of the cloth to produce patterns-as well as the tailoring,cleaning,repair and refurbishment of kimonos and other traditional Japanese garments. The N-COLLECTION by Noguchi Senpo-a producer of fine kimonos since 1948.Based on the concept of making kimonos a popular option for everyday wear and fashion fused with the N-COLLECTION features unique garments characterized by strength design and usability thanks to a creative fusion of Japanese and Western-style dressmaking skills.From Sapporo,the N-COllECTION provides Japanese craftsmanship.

We use the denim material of "Okayama" land of Japan's leading denim production. We made is"denim Nadeshiko" with it , which is the modern kimono fashion that may not ever. You can wear it easily with the sense of Western-style. And also you can enjoy it with hats and heels.

looks like a kimono but it's actually one-piece, so you can easily wear it. .Because we want more people get interested in the traditional Japanese Kimono and give an opportunity of trying to wear Kimono. The band has been proposed the total coordination, such as inner wears, Obi, accessories and so on.

Kimono-dress" is made by using antique kimono, shibori and dyed. Because it uses a nice and soft silk, you can wear in the time of relaxation and at parties. They are made in handmade one by one.You can enjoy the goodness of only-one taste. These are no same patterns.

Tenugui(Towel) has spreaded deep into the dayly life as a trendy fashion property from the Edo period. "wabisabi Tenugui" was produced by collaboration with the design of duo "Wabisabi" which has been based in Sapporo. The traditional towel of Japan are modern twist dyed in black and white, The towel is absorbent, and excellent quick-drying, colors are various. You can use in many ways, such as not only handkerchiefs,but also bandana, interior decorating and so on. And it is also the best item of the Japanese tradition as a gift with the attractive package.

Kinagashi means only a combination of kimono and obi. Style, such as T-shirts and jeans in the clothing analogy. This denim has created its own Kinagashi to collaborate with the kimono couture on the theme of the more you wear kimono the more you can enjoy the taste.

Samway means the way of the Samurai. It is based on Samue,which monks wear at the time of training, such as cleaning of the Buddhist temples. Because of denim, the more you wear, the more you can taste the depth of it. It is divided into two pieces,upper part and down part. You can also enjoy the both styles of only slacks and jacket. In addition, the waist is very comfortable by using the rubber. Being fastidious of lining cloth the invisible part is chic or smartness of man.That is the word of Japanese style.

Person in charge : Shigetaro Noguchi, Director
Address : 2-9 2chome 8jou, Kikusui Shiroishi-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido 003-0808 Japan
Tel : +81-11-811-3816
Fax : +81-11-841-8971
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"Premium Rakusui" by brightone

One of the famous washi making technique, known as Rakusui washi is dropping shower water on top of the paper to make beautiful pattern. Brightone developed this old traditional technique to make new style washi paper, which you have never seen before. We also combined with digital technology to make delicate patterns. We will continue developing Premium Rakusui in many ways.
Premium Rakusui
The most beautiful handmade paper in the world.

organic handmade paper
Line up
"obi" 12cm×94cm 4item (flower, leaf, zebra, giraffe)
"fumi" 11cm×49cm 3item(bouquet, flower, leaf)
"hira" 43cm×35cm 1item(kiku)

Person in charge : Shige Hasegawa, Designer
Address : 165-17 Danmachi , Mino-city, Gifu-pref. 501-3744 Japan
Tel : +81-90-2742-8383
Fax : +81-575-35-2340
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Website :

Design Guild Tokyo

The Design Guild Tokyo is formed by a group of designers working in Tokyo in various fields, including interior designs, architecture, lighting, graphic, web and product designs. Currently about 20 members are working together, having fun with the "Chemical reactions" which occur by discussing ideas making the most of their experiences in each fields. These "reactions" often bring high quality results which boost them up into further collaboration. The Design Guild Tokyo have submitted and carried out numerous projects of Contemporary Japanese design, and are now ready to bring their experience abroad.

La Design Guild Tokyo è formata da un gruppo di designer attivi a Tokyo in diversi settori, tra cui interior design, architettura, lighting, grafic, web e product. Attualmente sono circa 20 i soci che collaborano insieme, valorizzando al massimo le proprie esperienze in ciascun settore, stimolando l'ispirazione e la creatività, divertendosi. "Reazioni chimiche" che danno vita a risultati di massima qualità. In Giappone hanno presentato e realizzato numerosi progetti di Design giapponese contemporaneo, e sono ormai pronto per portare la propria esperienza anche all'estero.
Person in charge : Mitsuaki Tsukahara, Architect
Address : 2-24-2 2F nishiazabu minato-ku Tokyo 106-0031 Japan
Tel : +81-3-6427-3547
Fax : +81-3-6427-3548
Email :
Website :

"木コロ Kikoro" by Nishii Mokkou Ltd.

"To be with nature" is our concept. We have 50 years experience about wooden furniture and goods production. We don't seek large-scale of business, we focus on a small but valuable creation.
First there was the "Pet Rock", now there is "Kikoro". Made from mainly cedar scraps, this simple inanimate object brings the warmth of wood into your home. It comes in various sizes and shapes, uniquely suggestive of new ways to use wood. Decorate a room with it, use it as art or stimulate your child's imagination with it. There's no end to what you can do with it.

Person in charge : Shigeo Nishii
Address : Naniwa Cooperative Association Enterprises Complex No.2, 4-4-28 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, 559-0011 Japan
Tel : +81-6-6682-6760
Fax : +81-6-6682-6761
Email :
Website :

"Firm." by Kazunori Matsumura

"Firm" is a creative project founded by Kazunori Matsumura. His main focus lays on space, furniture, graphic designs and three-dimentional, photograph art works. He always focuses on the relation nature between human and substance and site of existing.
The Voice of Winds
This is a sound device for gather up the nature voice. "The Voice of Winds" is formed by a number of pipes in the shape of a tree branch. Dispersed white tree branches look like bones of animate beings. The material is earthenware.

Person in charge : Kazunori Matsumura
Address : #10 Haitsu-Takeshima, 6-24-5, Minamidaira, Hino-city, Tokyo 191-0041 JAPAN
Tel : +81-90-1309-6456
Email :
Website :


Hiyoshiya is a family-run business, established in Kyoto more than 100 years ago. Now in its fifth generation, Hiyoshiya is the only remaining manufacturer of traditional Japanese umbrellas in Kyoto. Our philosophy, tradition is the continuing process of innovation, reflects our mission: to create new and contemporary products using the time-honored techniques and materials developed for making our umbrellas.
When sunlight shines through an open Japanese umbrella (Wagasa), gently illuminating the washi paper and underlying bamboo frame, a warm atmosphere is produced. This is what inspired us to create the KOTORI collection.

With the movement of the frame,a single light can be configured and enjoyed various ways;with changes to the shape of the light come changes to its expression of light and shadow.As such,the shape of the light can be altered according to the time of day,or how the user spends their time. We've continued making umbrellas in Japan since the mid 1800s,and it is because of our detailed knowledge of umbrellas that we've been able to create this simple,highly mobile,airy light,a light that utilizes the framework of an umbrella in its design.

Person in charge : Kotaro Nishibori, Director
Address : 546 Dodo-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-0072 Japan
Tel : +81-75-441-6644
Fax : +81-75-441-6645
Email :
Website :

Contemporary Japanese Design
Producer Kotaro Nishibori

ATT:T.C.I. laboratory,LLC.182 Minami-hancho kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
602-0096 JAPAN
TEL : +81-90-2103-1062
FAX : +81-75-432-8751
Email :

Contact in Milano, Italy
Stefania Tasce NIME studio via Voghera 4, Milano
T:+39-347-35 11 727
F:+39-02 45 47 4446