Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition at
100% Design Shanghai 2013

The fusion of "Tradition" and "Modernity" is our main concept for creation.

You can see one of the best design tableware, fabrics, screens, Tatami mats, furniture and lighting product from all over Japan.
Most of the products are made by the beautiful collaborations between time horned craftsmen's technique and talented
product designers's imagination.

"Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition" is permanently exhibit at Milan FuoriSalone(Milan Design week) in April.
But this is the first time for us to show our exhibition in China.
Please take a look at our "Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition" at 100% Design Shanghai show and find out the potential and quality of Japanese Design Product.
I hope you like it.

Kotaro Nishibori
Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition


Shanghai Exhibition Center
1000 Yan'an Middle Rd, Jing'an, Shanghai, China
Booth No."W2-136"

Opening Date

Trade and Professionals only
14 Nov. 2013 0930-1730 hrs
15 Nov. 2013 0930-1730 hrs

Trade and Professionals / Public by Invitation only
16 NOV. 2013 0930-1700 hrs

Exhibitors information

"Kiki Japanesque Modern" by Kimoto Glassware

The designer, Shinichiro Kinoshita, has successfully created a unique world of glassware, using the traditional craftsmen’s techniques. Our black glasses with their beautiful and modern cut are an example. We were awarded a prize at the “Traditional Handicrafts Challenge in Tokyo”. This was the first showing of black “Edo-kiriko

“funew collection”
funew is a series of tableware created from wine and champagne bottles. You will definitely want to use these fresh shape designed tableware procucts everyday. Depending on usage, you will enjoy this series as a leading or second-ary role. It adds a pleasant mise en scene so you can coordinate your home party.

funew is a new form of recycling process which re-uses discarded wine and champagne glass bottles. Bottles are collected and treated and the whole process is conceived to respect the environment. After being collected and separated, bottles are cleaned and treated under high temperature. We achieved this project with a special thanks to the glass affiliated companies of Tokyo.

"funew" collection
funew is a series of upcycling concept tableware created from wine and champagne bottles.

"Edo-Kiriko"hand cut glassware
RING SERIES "shot glass" "mini old- fashioned glass" "old- fashioned glass" and "tumber"

"Edo-Kiriko"hand cut glassware
TAMAICHIMATU SERIES "shot glass" "mini old- fashioned glass" "old- fashioned glass" and "tumber"

Person in charge : Ken Atsumi
Address : 2-18-17, Kojima, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel : +81-3-3851-9668
Fax : +81-3-3861-4712
Email :
Website :

"HAYATON" by DAIKO Industrial Co.,Ltd.

DAIKO is a company conveying a Japanese old SUDARE(bamboo blind) in the present age. I succeed the traditional technique of the SUDARE and repeat much improvement and am used for a window of the Japanese Shinkansen recently now.
DAIKO suggests a few NEW SUDARE so far this time.

The new cordless window blinds. Simple design, easy to change the window style.

New Low partition
Wood&bamboo flexible low partition series.

Sudare for restaurant, made of natural wood in Japan.

Person in charge : Takaharu KOTERA
Address : 1736 Tane-Cho,Higashiomi-shi,Shiga,Japan
Tel : +81-748-42-0205
Fax : +81-748-42-5781
Email :
Website :

Ohminato Bunkichi Shoten Co.,Ltd.

Ominato Bunkichi Shoten has 50 years of experience.

We aim to create various types of screens and sliding doors as well as room decor in order to expand the use of traditional techniques that are essential for completing a Japanese house. We are also considering an ideal future living environment and are working on collaborative projects with various fields of designers. By introducing Japanese traditions to the world, we would like to help promote understanding between Japan and other countries, which we believe will lead to real international exchanges. And we hope to see byobu, or Japanese screens,become a popular way of room partitioning throughout the world

The new "KUMU" partition
The beautiful wooden works with geometric design partition.
KUMU table coaster
KUMU table center

Person in charge : Yousuke Ohminato
Address : 1-26Akifusa, Kamo-city, Nigata 959-1356 Japan
Tel : +81-256-52-0040
Email :
Website :


Since the establishment of company in 1949, we have been producing Kimonos, obi belts and Kimono accessories for years. We want to pass down the textile techniques for making Kimonos and obi belts production for future generations. We also want to spread the splendor of this culture around the world. In this project, by using the biais textile technique for the obi belt production, we propose the exquisite textile products that you have never seen before.

Person in charge : KOJI IZUMI /
Brand Name : SANJIKU
Company Name : OMIYA Co.,Ltd.
Address : 394 Osaka-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Japan
TEL : +81-75-341-4181
FAX : +81-75-341-4180
SANJIKU Facebook :

TTN Corporation

The TATAMI FACTORY SINCE 1934 has been preserving the TATAMI tradition for almost 80 years.We, at the Factory, are committed to developing products that combine the intrinsic beauty of the TATAMI tradition with sophisticated modern designs. We have expanded the use of TATAMI as flooring to include furniture, table top, counter top, and wall design.Our innovation and passion for the art of TATAMI has lead us to become the No.1 supplier of TATAMI products for both residential and commercial use in Japan and parts of Asia.

Person in charge : TAKASHI HAYAKAWA /
Company Name : TTN Corporation Inc.
HQ Address : 9-80-3 Kitaitami Itami City Hyogo, 664-0831 JAPAN
TEL : +81-72-785-1058
FAX : +81-72-778-0997


Hiyoshiya is a family-run business, established in Kyoto more than 100 years ago. Now in its fifth generation, Hiyoshiya is the only remaining manufacturer of traditional Japanese umbrellas in Kyoto. Our philosophy, tradition is the continuing process of innovation, reflects our mission: to create new and contemporary products using the time-honored techniques and materials developed for making our umbrellas.
When sunlight shines through an open Japanese umbrella (Wagasa), gently illuminating the washi paper and underlying bamboo frame, a warm atmosphere is produced. This is what inspired us to create the KOTORI collection.

With the movement of the frame,a single light can be configured and enjoyed various ways;with changes to the shape of the light come changes to its expression of light and shadow.As such,the shape of the light can be altered according to the time of day,or how the user spends their time. We've continued making umbrellas in Japan since the mid 1800s,and it is because of our detailed knowledge of umbrellas that we've been able to create this simple,highly mobile,airy light,a light that utilizes the framework of an umbrella in its design.

Person in charge : Kotaro Nishibori, Director
Address : 546 Dodo-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-0072 Japan
Tel : +81-75-441-6644
Fax : +81-75-441-6645
Email :
Website :


Processing and printing on highly rigid paperboards, bolda® designs and produces various products such as POP displays, back panels, returnable boxes, household furniture, play sets, and fixtures mainly used in retail stores, events, and trade shows. bolda is also consciously engaged in conserving the regional environment in the entire production process. With its prime objective being the establishment of a recycling-oriented society, bolda has obtained FSC®/CoC Recycled certification for all milca products.
Envisioning a future lifestyle, bolda will strive towards achieving high quality, attempting new initiatives, and valuing creativity.

Person in charge : NORIAKI TANAKA /
Brand Name : bolda
Company Name : MARUICHI-PACK Co.,Ltd.
Address:3-2-28 Kitashinmachi, Kuise, Amagasaki city, Hyogo 660-0815 JAPAN
TEL : +81-6-6487-0344
FAX : +81-6-6487-1685
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Contemporary Japanese Design
Producer Kotaro Nishibori

ATT:T.C.I. laboratory,LLC.182 Minami-hancho kamigyo-ku, Kyoto
602-0096 JAPAN
TEL : +81-90-2103-1062
FAX : +81-75-432-8751
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Contact in Shanghai, China
Bridge 8, No.9205, Block 25 Middle Jianguo Road,
Shanghai (Near Sinan road), Shanghai P.R China
TEL : +86 21 6136 0127
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