Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition in
Frankfurt Ambiente 2014

This is the first time for us to show our "Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition"
in Frankfurt Ambiente.

"Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition" is the platform of promoting unique Japanese design product over the world.
We have permanent exhibitions in following design trade show such as Milan(Fuori Salone), Shanghai(100% Design Shanghai) and Frankfurt(Ambiente) with our local distribution partners.

Our concept is "Tradition is continuing innovation".
We try to create contemporary design product by fusion of traditional technique and modern product design.

We will show you one of the best designed products from all over Japan.
You can see a lot of potential of fine techniques with high-quality of product design.

We would like you to take a look at our "Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition" in Frankfurt Ambiente 2014, and please find out the genuine Japanese Design Products.

I hope you like it.

Kotaro Nishibori
Contemporary Japanese Design Exhibition


Hall 11.0  Booth No.C 30
Messe Frankfurt
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1,
60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Exhibitors information

"Kiki Japanesque Modern" by Kimoto Glassware

The designer, Shinichiro Kinoshita, has successfully created a unique world of glassware, using the traditional craftsmen’s techniques. Our black glasses with their beautiful and modern cut are an example. We were awarded a prize at the “Traditional Handicrafts Challenge in Tokyo”. This was the first showing of black “Edo-kiriko

“funew collection”
funew is a series of tableware created from wine and champagne bottles. You will definitely want to use these fresh shape designed tableware procucts everyday. Depending on usage, you will enjoy this series as a leading or second-ary role. It adds a pleasant mise en scene so you can coordinate your home party.

funew is a new form of recycling process which re-uses discarded wine and champagne glass bottles. Bottles are collected and treated and the whole process is conceived to respect the environment. After being collected and separated, bottles are cleaned and treated under high temperature. We achieved this project with a special thanks to the glass affiliated companies of Tokyo.

"funew" collection
funew is a series of upcycling concept tableware created from wine and champagne bottles.

"Edo-Kiriko"hand cut glassware
RING SERIES "shot glass" "mini old- fashioned glass" "old- fashioned glass" and "tumber"

"Edo-Kiriko"hand cut glassware
TAMAICHIMATU SERIES "shot glass" "mini old- fashioned glass" "old- fashioned glass" and "tumber"

Person in charge : Ken Atsumi
Address : 2-18-17, Kojima, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel : +81-3-3851-9668
Fax : +81-3-3861-4712
Email :
Website :

Ohminato Bunkichi Shoten Co.,Ltd.

Ominato Bunkichi Shoten has 50 years of experience.

We aim to create various types of screens and sliding doors as well as room decor in order to expand the use of traditional techniques that are essential for completing a Japanese house. We are also considering an ideal future living environment and are working on collaborative projects with various fields of designers. By introducing Japanese traditions to the world, we would like to help promote understanding between Japan and other countries, which we believe will lead to real international exchanges. And we hope to see byobu, or Japanese screens,become a popular way of room partitioning throughout the world

The new "KUMU" partition
The beautiful wooden works with geometric design partition.
KUMU table coaster
KUMU table center

Person in charge : Yousuke Ohminato
Address : 1-26Akifusa, Kamo-city, Nigata 959-1356 Japan
Tel : +81-256-52-0040
Email :
Website :


“Bringing beautiful Tokyo craftworks into the future”

Tokyo’s traditional crafts have been nurtured through many years.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum produced the creation of “craftworks of the future” by collaboration between craftsmen who live by tradition and designers who want to make use of tradition in the modern age. From the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum to Japan and the world. We hope that a new movement will be started from Tokyo.

Tokyo Cabochon
This is a cabochon* ring which was created using the techniques of cloisonne. The color image was inspired from Tokyo and its landscape. You can see the configuration of the silver surface with transparent, semi-transparent and opaque with special colors of cloisonne glaze on the ring. "Plique-a-jour Enamel", were applied in some of the designs.

Komon chief
Komon pattern was developed during the Edo period when this was used for samurai's uniform."Komon chief" has two contrasting patterns.The color was chosen from traditional Japanese colors. The way of folding the chief creates various images because of the contrast of colors and patterns.By using the lining of kimono, all the fabric dyeing process of cloth is completed by hand starting from making colors.

Paperweight - moire
"We came up with this unique "moire" which is Edo Kiriko with a new visual effect. The Moire effectoccurs when the top and bottom surfaces have different cuts and the depth of the cuts can be seen from the side. For the transparency, we chose an optical glass. This glass is made with the craftsmanship and aesthetics of the Edo period in mind.

Arabesque loupe
Wooden loupe made with solid cherry wood, hand-engraved stroke by stroke with intricate craftsmanship. Cherry wood has long been used in Japan for woodcarving from ancient time. It is robust enough to enable finest of engravings and its finish very thin and light. It is designed in the hope that the old art of Buddhism sculptors could be felt familiar in modern lives.

Person in charge : Takuya HOTTA
Address : 2-7-7-201, Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo Japan #111-0043
Tel : +81-90-1804-4126
Fax : +81-3-3843-0466
Email :
Website :

"木コロ Kikoro" by Nishii Mokkou Ltd.

"To be with nature" is our concept. We have 50 years experience about wooden furniture and goods production. We don't seek large-scale of business, we focus on a small but valuable creation.
First there was the "Pet Rock", now there is "Kikoro". Made from mainly cedar scraps, this simple inanimate object brings the warmth of wood into your home. It comes in various sizes and shapes, uniquely suggestive of new ways to use wood. Decorate a room with it, use it as art or stimulate your child's imagination with it. There's no end to what you can do with it.

Person in charge : Shigeo Nishii
Address : Naniwa Cooperative Association Enterprises Complex No.2, 4-4-28 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, 559-0011 Japan
Tel : +81-6-6682-6760
Fax : +81-6-6682-6761
Email :
Website :


Hiyoshiya is a family-run business, established in Kyoto more than 100 years ago. Now in its fifth generation, Hiyoshiya is the only remaining manufacturer of traditional Japanese umbrellas in Kyoto. Our philosophy, tradition is the continuing process of innovation, reflects our mission: to create new and contemporary products using the time-honored techniques and materials developed for making our umbrellas.
When sunlight shines through an open Japanese umbrella (Wagasa), gently illuminating the washi paper and underlying bamboo frame, a warm atmosphere is produced. This is what inspired us to create the KOTORI collection.

With the movement of the frame,a single light can be configured and enjoyed various ways;with changes to the shape of the light come changes to its expression of light and shadow.As such,the shape of the light can be altered according to the time of day,or how the user spends their time. We've continued making umbrellas in Japan since the mid 1800s,and it is because of our detailed knowledge of umbrellas that we've been able to create this simple,highly mobile,airy light,a light that utilizes the framework of an umbrella in its design.

Person in charge : Kotaro Nishibori, Director
Address : 546 Dodo-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-0072 Japan
Tel : +81-75-441-6644
Fax : +81-75-441-6645
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Website :

Contemporary Japanese Design
Producer Kotaro Nishibori

T.C.I. laboratory,LLC.
3F-546 Dodo-cho, Kamigyo-ku
Kyoto, 602-0096 JAPAN
TEL : +81-90-2103-1062
FAX : +81-75-441-6644
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Contact in Germany
Satomi Suzuki
SHU SHU Contemporary Japanese Design
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80331 Munchen
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